Why Does My Workplace or School Need a Bleeding Control Kit?

This is a question that may or may not have occurred to you at some point. First of all, what is a bleeding control kit? Very simply, these kits contain the basic equipment necessary to stop life-threatening bleeding in the case of traumatic injury or shooting.

None of us like to think about it but unfortunately, just like Sudden Cardiac Arrest, on-the-job calamities, natural disasters, and plain old mishaps do happen unexpectedly and could take place at any time. Since, by definition, accidents are not predicted, it is just as important to have a bleed control kit at your disposal as it is to have an AED in readiness for worst-case scenarios.

The necessity of bleeding control kits was brought to the nation’s attention by Stop the Bleed: an awareness campaign and call-to-action launched in 2015 by the White House. Uncontrolled bleeding, it asserts, is the single most preventable cause of death in traumatic events. Therefore, Stop the Bleed was created to encourage citizens to become adept at providing immediate assistance to help stop bleeding in injured persons.

Here at AED Market, we sell a basic bleeding control kit containing a trauma dressing (which consists of a pad and bandage), compressed gauze, paramedic shears, nitrile gloves, a skin marker, and a tourniquet. While an instruction manual is included, it is possible for a severe bleed to lead to death in mere minutes. Hence, it is highly recommended that all staff be given preliminary training to empower them to act in the event of an emergency without having to resort to following written directions. Paramedics may not arrive within the first vital minutes following an incident, so having prepared users ahead of time can make the difference between life or death. Every second counts when someone’s life or limb is on the line!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist in helping you determine whether to purchase a bleeding control kit for your workplace, school, church, or organization and how to properly use one.

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