AED Market keeps all the Defibtech accessories you need in stock including data cards, wall mounts, carrying cases, battery chargers, and more! We also have Defibtech AED trainers and training electrode pads available to help you and your team stay ready to respond to a cardiac arrest and help save lives!

We carry Defibtech AED batteries for both the Lifeline and Lifeline View models of AEDs and defibtech replacement pads as well.  Defibtech batteries can last anywhere from 4 to 7 ears depending on the model and its use. Defibtech Lifeline pads have an expiration date and expire every 2 years, whether or not they are used. When used, Defibtech Lifeline AED pads should be replaced immediately, regardless of the expiration date. So stock up on Defibtech replacement pads and get an extra Defibtech Lifeline AED battery so you’re always ready for a cardiac emergency. 

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