Shop our selection of Physio Control accessories for Lifepak AEDs. We keep all Lifepak accessories in stock for the Lifepak 1000 and the Lifepak CR2 series automatic external defibrillators. Our Physio Control AED accessories available include Lifepak pads & electrodes, batteries, carrying cases, wall mounts, trainers, and more. These Physio Control AED accessories can help you transport and store your AED, mount it in a convenient location for quick access, and simulate rescue scenarios for training purposes.  


Physio Control AED pads and electrodes are designed for use with Lifepak AEDs. All Lifepak AED pads have an expiration date and will expire every two years, and the CR2 pads expire every four years. Lifepak pads that are used must be replaced immediately, whether they’re expired or not. We recommend checking the expiration date on any Lifepak AED battery and Physio Control AED pads to know when it's time for a Lifepak battery replacement. It's also a good idea to keep an extra set of Physio Control electrode pads and battery handy just in case, as you never know what you might need. At AED Market, we keep all Lifepak pads and batteries in stock for both the Lifepak 1000 and the Lifepak CR2 AED. 


Our staff is committed to saving lives. If you have a question or need help selecting the right Physio Control AED accessories, give us a call at 1-800-441-8378. Shop today for Physio Control and Lifepak accessories and get free shipping!