Find AED batteries and Defibrillator Pads for your AED. We keep a large selection of AED pads, defibrillator batteries, and other AED supplies for trusted brands including, HeartSine, Philips, Cardiac Science, Defibtech, Physio-Control and ZOLL.

Since not all AEDs are the same be sure to get the right AED pads, or electrodes, and batteries for your AED model. You can keep extra pads and batteries on hand in case of an emergency, because you never know how many you may need.

Every set of AED pads has an expiration date. AED electrode pads that expire may not function correctly or may not stick well and most AED batteries will need to be replaced about every 2-5 years. Do not use expired AED pads and do not use pads more than once.

Instead buy and keep replacement pads in stock to make sure that your AED is ready and equipped for a cardiac arrest emergency. Buy aed pads and replacement batteries today and get free shipping!

If your AED is not pictured here, we can still help you get the correct pads and batteries. Please call 1-800-441-8378 if you need any assistance.