We get a lot of calls from people asking how long their AED batteries and pads are good for.  This is a great question, and the number one cause of AED failure is from expired pads and batteries. 

There are several ways to keep track of your pads and batteries expiration dates to ensure your AED is always ready.  Here are a few suggestions…

  1. Visual exam - the expiration date will be posted on the pads and battery
  2. Attach a check tag on your AED and write the expiration dates on the tag.
  3. Post an expiration date reminder on your e-calendar.
  4. Log into your program management system if you have one set up, and enter the expiration dates so they system will alert you when they are due.
  5. If you purchased your unit from AED Market, we will email you your reminders at least 60 days in advance.
  6. Call us at 1-833-874-3698 if you need any assistance in locating your expiration dates.


All AED’s will have a battery life of 2-7 years, and the pads will be good for 2-5 years.  Below is an AED chart that will show how long each pad and battery will last for a specific AED.

If your AED is not listed, please call us at 1-833-874-3698 for more information.