"The AED we bought from you was used to save a life" ...  now what?

When a customer calls to say a life was saved, our entire team stops what they are doing and cheers!  It's the kind of call that makes you want to work harder in order to save more lives!

Can I use the pads again?  No.  AED electrode pads are only good for one-time use.  Therefore, it is very important to have back up pads or purchase replacements immediately!  There is nothing to prevent another cardiac arrest from occurring that same day or within just a few days.  The used pads need to be disposed of and you should install the new pads.  Don't delay! 

What about the battery?  The batter may have been depleted during the rescue so you need to check the life of the battery.  It may need to be recharged or replaced.  Don't forget to replace items from the rescue kit as well (gloves, wipes, etc.)

Finally, the AED may need to be cleaned and disinfected if any bodily fluids (such as blood or vomit) came in contact with the machine during the rescue or if it was used in an environment where there was sand, dirt or water. The owner’s manual will outline how to make sure your AED is replenished after a rescue to make sure your device is ready to be put back into service again as quickly as possible.

This process may seem overwhelming but rest assured, AED Market can help ease the burden.  AED Market recommends that someone be "in charge" of the AED.  Meaning, a point person is the one that knows he/she has the responsibility of post-use procedures.  This will ensure the AED is returned to operational status as soon as possible.  Regardless, simply call us and we will walk you through what is needed.

We can be reached at 1-800-441-8378 or visit our website AED Market where you can start a chat if preferred.  




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