AEDs can be used on children, including infants!

It is important to know that AEDs are safe to use on young children and even infants. Providing effective CPR and using an AED is the best way to treat a child or infant in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Without effective CPR and use of an AED to restart the heart, the condition can be fatal within minutes. This will restore the flow of oxygenated blood around their body, supplying the brain and essential organ systems, limiting the damage to these systems.

When a child goes into SCA, the child will suddenly fall unconscious, stop breathing (sometimes shallow gasping occurs), becomes unresponsive and has no pulse or heartbeat. 


What should you do when you detect SCA in a child?

1.  CALL 911 immediately. If the child is wet, move the child away from water. The operator will stay on the line to provide guidance.

2.  CPR - begin CPR while calling out for someone to get the AED. Effective CPR prolongs the period that the heart can be restarted by an AED. Without CPR and an AED, the chances of survival drop by 10% every minute.

3.  AED - the machine will instruct you on what to do. Follow the voice and visual prompts on the AED. Using an AED increases the chance of survival while waiting on paramedics by 60%.

Some AEDs may have uni-pads that you can use on everyone. Others will have adult pads with the option to swap out the adult pads for pediatric pads, but if the AED doesn't have the pediatric pads available, use it anyway. Place one adult pad in the center of the child's chest and the other in the same location on the child's back.  It is important that the pads do not touch for effective use of the AED.

AEDs – even without a pediatric setting – are the best chance for the child to survive. The device cannot hurt the child and will not supply a shock unless it is required. Therefore, it cannot accidently shock a child or bystander.

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