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There has been a tremendous growth in the importance of corporate social responsibility and occupational work hazards. This has led to a radical shift in the way enterprises go to great lengths in providing adequate working conditions to ensure the safety and security of their employees. One of these is the accessibility to an office AED machine, owing to the risks of sudden cardiac arrests that claims more than 400,000 lives every year in the United States.

If employee suffer from such a risk due to poor working conditions, a company can be liable to provide substantial compensation benefits or penalties if found guilty. This post looks at the why AEDs are important for businesses and how managers can ensure it can be executed effectively.

Why should businesses invest in AEDs?

Other than the fact that businesses are mandated to provide top working conditions to ensure the well being and safety of their employees, investing in AEDs can be essential to saving lives in the nick of time. A person who becomes at risk of a sudden cardiac arrest experiences ventricular fibrillation, which results in the electrical signals of the heart to beat erratically and abnormally.

In such a situation, the person only has a maximum of 5 minutes for the electrical impulses in the heart to be restored to normal levels through electrical shock. If this does not happen in time, the victim can die or have permanent brain damage.

This is particularly important for businesses that operate in industries where there is insufficient supply of oxygen or where there are significant work hazards. Such industries include petrochemicals, power generation plants, mining, or oil drilling organizations in which there are substantial psychological and toxic hazards involved that can increase the risks of sudden cardiac arrest.

Having an AED that can be accessed within 3 minutes can go a long way in saving many employees. The advantages of supplying AEDs in workplace premises can also contribute in raising the morale and satisfaction of employees, resulting in greater productivity and output.

What Factors Should Businesses Consider When Investing in An AED?


One of the most important decisions that a business must consider is where it should position AEDs. If a medical professional cannot access an AED within a short amount of time, the sudden cardiac arrest victim will most likely die.

Secondly, enterprises should also give preference to the right size and weight. There are many AEDs of varying dimensions; the lighter it is in weight, the more convenient it will be for outdoor use in remote areas. If the workplace does not have adequate space, choosing a smaller AED system will be crucial for easy storage and accessibility.

Furthermore, the AED you choose must also be suitable to work for the temperature and noise level in your workplace. For more information on which AEDs systems are right for your business, please contact us today at 1-800-441-8378 or visit our website at