AED for Churches

The US is one of the most populous nations in the world. This is because its total population density is hovering over the 304 million people mark, of which around 45% percent or so typically go to church almost every week.  Now let us see how many people suffer from cardiac arrest.

The answer is almost half a million! Exploring these figures further, we conclude that almost 9000 people go through this nightmare every week. And that comes to almost one individual per every 120 seconds!

Therefore, it is an almost obvious assumption that AEDs must be taken into consideration when creating SOPs (standard operational procedures) regarding the safety and health of church going members.

However, merely planting an AED device is not always good enough. Certain important points need to be considered with regard to the placement as well as deployment of an AED for churches:

  • Exactly how many devices would be required to ensure the crucial 18 second response time is maintained
  • The due importance of hands on training of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) as well as AED usage in the required response time period
  • The protocols for EMS (emergency medical services) notification for onwards transport to a medical facility equipped with a cardiac response unit.
  • Affixing responsibility for routine checking of the EMS devices


The advantages of keeping an AED in places where people gather in large numbers for extended periods of time (church, mosque or any other religious complex) are far more important than the costs such machines incur.

Studies show that during a cardiac arrest event, as every minute passes without the victim receiving proper treatment, their chances of survival drop a further 10 percent. That’s where CPR comes in. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, before the full hospital treatment, can help ensure that the circulation of blood is not disrupted so that the body and the brain remain oxygenated. Nevertheless, the administration of electric shocks is still considered to be pretty much the sole way to jump-start the heart so that it starts pumping of its own accord.

Calling emergency services and starting cardiopulmonary resuscitation are of paramount importance and such actions should be undertaken without a second’s pause. However, EMTs can potentially take longer than that all important 5 minute time frame and therefore, when they actually do they get there, it might be way too late.

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