How Long Do AED Batteries Last?

How Long Do AED Batteries Last?

Knowing how long your AED battery will last is one of the most important components of owning the device. One of the leading causes of device failure is from an expired battery. AED battery life can range from 2-7 years depending on the brand of AED.

Keeping track of when your battery is set to expire is essential to owning an AED device. The batteries are non-rechargeable and a new one needs to be purchased before the old one expires.  If you purchase an AED or batteries through AED Market, we will automatically send you expiration reminders 60 days before expiration.  It is important to understand where to find and how to read the date of expiration to ensure your AED is operational and emergency ready. Once finished with the old batteries, they can be recycled. Please call us if you need assistance in reading the date of expiration or recycling your battery (1-800-441-8378).

There are several ways to be up to date on the life of your AED battery including but not limited to:

  • Locating the printed expiration date on the battery (CR Plus, Defibtech, and Heartsine Batteries) 
  • Adding a visual reminder on a calendar
  • Adding a check tag to your AED with the expiration date 
  • Creating an e-alert
  • Do a physical check to see if the AED is operating properly and not chirping ( a chirp may indicate the battery is low and needs to be changed)
  • OR calling AED Market at 1-800-441-8378 for assistance

Different models of AED have different battery lives. The Physio Control CR Plus has a 2-year battery life, while models like the popular ZOLL AED Plus have a longer lasting battery life at 5 years.

For questions regarding the battery life of your AED, please visit our website or call us at 1.800.441.8378.