ZOLL X Series Monitor/Defibrillator (Fully Loaded-Biomed Refurbished with Warranty)



The ZOLL X Series defibrillator is an essential, user-friendly device designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both EMS and hospital staff. This advanced defibrillator is not just a tool for emergency response but also a source of real-time data crucial for informed medical decision-making. During CPR, it provides detailed feedback on the rate, depth, and release of each compression, offering insights into the patient's cardiac response. Additionally, the X Series plays a vital role in tracking the duration of a patient’s lack of blood flow, assisting medical professionals in making pivotal decisions during treatment. Features like see-through technology and split-screen views further enhance its functionality, providing comprehensive patient monitoring.

Lightweight and durable, the ZOLL X Series weighs under 12 pounds, making it an ideal companion for EMS teams during patient transport. Its compact size and robust build ensure a fast transition from pre-hospital to hospital care while continuously delivering valuable data to all medical personnel involved. At every step of the way, the X Series’ features can triple the survival odds of your sudden cardiac arrest patient, no matter their age or weight.

Features & Benefits of the ZOLL X Series Monitor

  • See-Thru CPR® technology to identify the underlying heart rhythm during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to reduce pauses in compressions.
  • 12-Lead ECG with Split-Screen View, allowing the latest and previous traces to be seen simultaneously
  • Open 12-lead capabilities by interfacing all leading ECG management and STEMI systems to reduce door-to-balloon time
  • SurePower II Rechargeable Battery providing six hours of continuous run time
  • Open communication with integrated WiFi for simplifying transmission and charting
  • High-contrast color screen displaying up to four waveforms and can be equipped with a complete selection of parameters such as Masimo®, Rainboe® SET pulse CO-oximetry, Microstream®, etCO2, and Welch Allyn NIBP, with three invasive pressure and two temperature channels.
  • Advanced features include capnography, pulse oximetry, three invasive pressure options, two temperature channels, and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring

What’s Included?

  • Manual or AED Defibrillation Mode with Real CPR Help®
  • Advanced Communications Package (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB cellular modem, and data transfer capable)
  • 80mm Printer with 1 roll of 80mm Printer Paper
  • Large 6.5” screen with up to 4 waveform channels
  • Multi-Function Therapy Cable with CPR Connector
  • A/C Power Cord, Adapter, Charger, and Carrying Case with 3-Lead ECG 6ft Cable
  • Declaration of Conformity, Operator’s Instructions, Quick Reference Guide

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