Sanitizing Station with 1 Gallon AeroCleanse Gel Sanitizer


$249 $325


Sanitizing Station with 1 Gallon AeroCleanse Gel Hand Sanitizer 

Zero Touch, Zero Contamination

Made in North America, the Sanitizing Station is designed to prevent contamination and ensure personal protection. This no-touch dispensing station is constructed from durable powder coated aluminum with a steel base. It is built to last and will dispense properly, every time guaranteed.


Make the Hand Sanitizing Station a part of your daily hand hygiene routine. 

  • Offers a quick and convenient way to sanitize your hands on the go
  • Non-sticky and air dries quickly so you don't need to wash, rinse, or dry your hands
  • Has added moisturizers
  • Leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean

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