Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 (Refurbished)



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Choose the refurbished Encore Series Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator for the latest technological evolution from Physio-Control/Stryker. Its predecessor, the LIFEPAK 12 was one of the most popular Advance Life Support (ALS) defibrillator/monitors of all time. The cutting-edge LIFEPAK 15 improves upon the technology and durability of its former, responding attentively to user feedback originating in real world scenarios and resulting in several detailed upgrades. Moreover, this defibrillator was built on an upgradeable platform that allows you to add additional features without replacing the entire device, saving you time and money without ever jeopardizing performance. The most clinically and operationally innovative LIFEPAK generation yet; you can depend on the LIFEPAK 15 for reliable, easy use in the toughest of environments — and earn free shipping when you order from

Each of our completely refurbished Encore Series Defibrillators, exclusive to, have been meticulously cleaned and tested through our extensive multi-point biomedical inspection.

New & Improved Design

  • New Look: professional space grey casing
  • Legendary Durability: passes 30-inch drop tests, top-class IP 44 rating, operates flawlessly in harsh conditions like snow, wind, and rain
  • Double-layer smash-proof screen, sturdier cable and sensor connectors
  • Larger handle for easier handoffs, making it superior for transport

LIFEPAK 15 Features & Benefits

  • Features escalating energy up to 360 Joules
  • Self-check feature that will notify you if your field requires service.
  • CPR Assistance: added metronome to assist rescuers performing CPR; voice instructions
  • "SunVue" display mode which makes the screen easier to see in brighter environments
  • Integration of the Masimo Rainbow SET suite of monitoring technology: includes SpO2 (pulse oximetry) and CO (carbon monoxide and methemoglobin), the newest standard for checking smoke inhalation in victims and first responders.
  • "Smart" Lithium-ion Batteries: shows the status of the battery with the press of a button, rechargeable battery life of six hours, requires no maintenance like older lead batteries
  • Data Transmission: the LIFEPAK 15 collects code summary, relays equipment status, and transmits critical information while treating patients.
  • Can be used in both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) environments
  • Fully Upgradeable: add additional features without replacing the entire device

Physical Description & Characteristics

  • (H x W x D) 31.7 cm x 40.1 cm x 23.1 cm; 12.5" x 15.8" x 9.1"
  • Basic Monitor/Defibrillator Weight (with new roll paper & two batteries installed): 7.9 kg; 17.5 lbs
  • Fully Featured Monitor/Defibrillator Weight (with new roll paper & two batteries installed): 8.4 kg; 18.5 lbs

Have more questions about the LIFEPAK 15? Feel free to reach out to our expert team at 1-800-441-8378 and they'll be happy to help.

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