Curaplex Stop the Bleed Basic Kit Multipack

AED MarketSKU: 670159-KIT



The Curaplex Stop the Bleed Basic Kit Multipack includes four basic kits ideal for a business, warehouse, or other location where traumatic bleeding emergencies may occur. Each kit contains helpful items for untrained individuals to stop severe bleeding until professional help arrives.

Each Basic Multipack includes:
  • 1 Red Zip Pouch
  • 1 Stop the Bleed Sticker
  • 4 Vacuum-sealed Basic kits, each including:
  • 1 C-A-T® tourniquet
  • 1 Permanent Marker
  • 2 Pairs of latex-free gloves, size large
  • 1 Emergency bandage
  • 2 Rolls of compressed gauze dressing
  • 1 Pair of trauma shears

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