Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 (Dual Language English/Spanish) - Recertified AED Value Package

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All of our Premium Recertified units have been through an extensive checkpoint service by a Biomedical Technician.  They also come with new pads, new battery, carrying case, full one year warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee.


    The Powerheart G5 AED is the latest AED to be produced by Cardiac Science. It is making waves for being the first AED to combine real-time CPR feedback, automatic shock delivery, variable escalating energy, and quick shock times.  The strong attributes of the Powerheart G5 allows everyone from a professionally trained rescuer to the common lay responder to deliver therapy in a quick and efficient manner to a victim of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) to better increase the chance of survival.


    The Powerheart G5 AED is designed to withstand a beating. It is protected against dust and water due to high ingress protection (IP55) allowing superior performance in rough environments.  

    • The Powerheart G5 meets the military standard for shock, vibration, and drop testing. 
    • The Rescue Ready technology assures this AED will always be ready to perform due to self tests of the main AED components ( battery, hardware, software, and pads) daily.
    • This AED also initiates a partial charge of the high voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly.
    • The Rescue Ready light on the AED lets the user know that they are grabbing a fully operable AED.


    This AED gives real-time CPR feedback that gives users the confidence they need in hectic situations.

    • The AED will give you guidance on compression depth as well as the rate of compressions.
    • The fully automatic version will deliver the shock without the need of a button press from the user, eliminating the users hesitation to activate the shock.
    • The interchangeable pad design makes placement much easier.
    • The Rescue Coach technology gives the user prompts to guide them through each step of the rescue, there are also text prompts to help when in a noisy and hectic environment.
    • The user can also easily change to an alternate language with a simple push of a button.


    The Powerheart G5 is packed with features to make sure the victim has the best chance of survival.

    • The Powerheart G5 can deliver a post-CPR shock in as quick as 10 seconds.
    • The AED can analyze the victims needs and can deliver a customized shock at the needed energy level.
    • The user can customize the prompts, protocols, and CPR feedback.
    • When the use of pediatric pads is needed this AED can automatically detect them when inserted and delivers a reduced shock.

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