Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Adult IntelliSense Pads

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The Powerheart G5 Adult IntelliSense Pads are designed for adults or victims over eight years of age. The G5 AED pads can be used with the Cardiac Science G5 AED and come in a sterile package that expires after 2 years. Once the G5 Adult IntelliSense Pads have expired, they must be replaced, you can not use expired electrode pads on individuals so be sure to check the expiration dates frequently. Powerheart AED G5 Pads must also be replaced each time they are used so it can be a good idea to keep a pair of backup pads as you never know what you might need. The G5 Adult IntelliSense Pads also have depictions of the correct pad placement so rescuers can easily reference the images when placing the electrode pads. 

This package comes with one pair of adult G5 AED pads to be used on a victim older than eight years old. These Powerheart AED G5 pads have a 2-year expiration date. 

Compatible with:

  • Cardiac Science G5 series AED.

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