Alarmed AED Wall Cabinet With Strobe Light

AED Market

$ 195.00 $ 225.00
SKU: 180SM-14R

Standard Size AED Cabinet with Audible Alarm and Strobe Light. Sturdy metal construction protects and prominently displays your AED. Shipping weight 15 lbs.

The Modern Metal Wall Cabinet 180SM-14R is perfect for storing and displaying any AED Model. It is a surface mounted cabinet that is coated with white powder painted corrosive resistant galvanized steel.  It is designed for quick access with a simple pull to open it instead of a twist and pull.

Compatible with: All AED Models

Outside Dimensions: Height = 17.5", Width = 17.5", Depth = 7"

Inside Dimensions: Height = 17.375", Width = 17.375", Depth = 6.875"