AIVIA 200 Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet with Fan, Alarm, and Heater

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AIVIA® 200 Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet by HD1PY, Inc. The design is suitable for indoor or outdoor AED storage, The AIVIA 200 is a lighted wall mount cabinet capable of storing any size, any model AED. Construction consists of a red ABS plastic chassis and a clear anti-UV polycarbonate cover. These materials make AIVIA cabinets extremely lightweight and durable. The clear cover allows for easy inspection of the AED inside without having to open the door.

With the alarm feature, removing the AED from the cabinet immediately triggers a visual alarm of flashing red LEDs as well as an audible alarm (103dB). In low ambient light conditions, a luminosity sensor automatically activates flashing white LEDs to help identify the location of the AIVIA 200. The fan and optional convection heating system combine to make a complete climate controlled environment which maintains the internal temperature within the recommended parameters for your AED.

Mounting your AIVIA cabinet could not be easier. The included template allows you to drill holes in the wall to match up with the pre-drill holes in the cabinet chassis.

The alarm, lights, fan and optional heater are powered by the included 24VDC Power Supply. Please note: The power supply must be hard-wired into your facility's electrical system by a licensed electrician.

The AIVIA 200 is a rugged yet economical solution for storing your AED. Weight - 7.8 lbs. Dimensions - Length: 15 1/4"; Height: 16 5/8"; Depth: 7 15/16". 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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