AED Program Management Pro



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AED365 Pro Plan

  • Includes All Basic Features plus:
  • AED Prescriptions: Physician-issued prescriptions for each AED.
  • Medical Oversight: Physician oversight of the AED program and implementation.
  • Physician Availability: Telephone and email access to a physician for AED-related questions.
  • Response Protocol Approval: Physician provision, review, and approval of AED response protocols.
  • Policy & Procedures Manual: Basic AED program policy and procedures manual.
  • Emergency Event Reporting: Reporting of AED emergency events.
  • Post-Event Analysis: Download, analyze, and report AED data to the patient's MD after an event.
  • Loaner AEDs: Overnight loaner AEDs sent post-event to ensure coverage, including return shipping.
  • Responder Debriefing: Telephone debriefing for responders involved in an AED incident.
  • EMS Agency Notification: Notify and register AED with EMS agencies as required by state/local regulations.
  • Free Replacement Pads/Batteries: Replace pads (and battery for Lifepak CR Plus or Heartsine units) after attempted resuscitation (up to twice per AED per year, excluding public safety agency devices).
  • 24/7 Phone Support: Live phone support for troubleshooting issues with units under management.
  • Annual Program Review: Annual review of the program by the compliance team and medical director.

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