While you are enjoying a dinner with your friends, the man sitting on the table next to yours collapses. What would be the first thing you do if someone collapses like that and shows no sign of breathing or responds to anything?

It is not unusual to find yourself in a situation like that. Your first move should be calling 911 after quickly checking the collapsed individual for any response or breathing. Once you have called 911, don’t delay to give cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Next you will need to get an Automated External Defibrillator as soon as possible and administer shock on the collapsed person. Absence of response and breathing with sudden loss of consciousness is indicative of sudden cardiac arrest. In this case, an AED unit would be needed to save his life.

We Need More Publically Accessible AED Units

AED devices are crucial to save a person having a sudden cardiac arrest. The survival of the person depends on a few minutes and spontaneous medical aid. For this it is extremely important that people have access to AED units in public places. They are especially needed in places where huge numbers of people are present. Shopping malls, governmental buildings, schools, universities, parks, etc. all should have AED units available in the closest possible vicinity so that people can reach out for help on their own instead of waiting for Emergency Medical Services to arrive.

Training Is Needed

Though AED units usually come with detailed instructions, graphic guidelines, and a voice command feature, having basic training of AED unit management can produce better results and be much more helpful. How is that so? The person using the device would have an experience and know what he has to do next. He will have the idea of how to go about the entire procedure. Also, it creates confidence in assisting a victim in time of need.

Why Are You Responsible

Providing and creating a safe environment is an effort that we need to make collectively. A huge number of people die every year when they have a sudden cardiac arrest only because they did not receive help in time and lost their chance at life. Making AED units publically available can help reduce such incidents and increase the chances of survival for people in such critical condition.

Making AED units publically available would save a lot of time for people who are helping the victim too. A device that is easy to access and in the range of vision would give them an early head start. Each minute is very crucial and time wasted on finding an AED can prove to be fatal. As a responsible member of the society, everyone needs to pay attention towards facilitating essential medical care. This could be in the form of setting up AED’s , providing training, getting trained, or even creating awareness about the matter.