Browse our selection of Philips AED accessories for Philips HeartStart AED defibrillators. Our inventory of Philips Heartstart accessories includes Philips AED replacement pads, batteries, carry cases, wall mounts, AED signs, programming kits, & more. Our wall mounts and AED signs help keep your Philips AED visible and accessible, so it's ready to use. We offer the Philips AED trainer, trainer pads, and accessories to help keep your team ready for cardiac emergencies.

A new Philips AED battery has a shelf life of 4 years, after which the battery expires and will need to be replaced. Every Heartstart AED battery is backed by a 4-year warranty, except our FR2/FR2+ generic battery, which includes a 5-year warranty.

Philips Heartstart AED pads have an expiration date of 2 years whether or not they are used. When Heartstart AED pads are used, they need to be replaced immediately. We recommend you check the expiration dates on both your Philips AED battery and any Philips Heartstart AED pads to know when they expire and need to be replaced. You should stock up on both Philips AED replacement pads and batteries so you’re ready in case of a failure or during an emergency.

We also offer Philips AED trainers so staff can be well-trained and ready to handle a sudden cardiac emergency quickly and calmly. The Philips infant child key allows you to change the device into a pediatric AED without having to change the electrodes to pediatric pads; This helps save time and money on expired pediatric electrode pads. Lastly, our data cables allow you to transfer vital cardiac information from the AED for doctors and medical staff to review to get a full scope of the emergency and what might be the best next steps.

Buy Philips HeartStart accessories today to keep your AED well stocked and get fast, free shipping!