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 Defibtech has taken their original Lifeline AED to a whole other level.  They have defined easy-to-use in the AED world.  The Lifeline View is the first and only AED that actually shows how perform therapy to a victim in full color motion video. You have never seen anything like this before!


The lifeline View has and interactive display that shows you step by step guidance on performing CPR, rescue breathing, and defibrillation. This gives the user full confidence in being able to save a life by actually seeing right in front of them how to perform a specific step. This unit also has a built in metronome, this feature along with a video to follow along with gives you the perfect combination for the lay rescuer to have the best chance of success.


  • This AED has real-time protocol selection to switch between compression only CPR and both compression and rescue breathing making it versatile to rescuers with different techniques.
  • One touch status screen to lets you know that the unit is up to date and ready to go without the AED even being on.
  • Easily upgradable as protocols change.
  • Rugged and durable for the roughest of environments.
  • Data can be recorded from this AED and be retrieved and reviewed.

Product Information


  • The Lifeline View AED has an 8 year warranty.
  • Battery has a 4 year warranty.

Alternate Part #'s: DCF-A2310EN, DDU-2300, DCF-A2310EN, DCF-A2310EN-CC