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The ZOLL AED Plus provides a combination of defibrillation and CPR for the best possible chance of survival for the individual. The ZOLL AED Plus provides heart rhythm analysis along with voice guidance to help the rescuer through the steps of the defibrillation process. Colored photos are displayed in the ZOLL Plus AED case for quick and convenient reference during emergency situations. The ZOLL AED Plus features one electrode pad connecting both the typical side and chest pads. With only one pad to attach, users save time and can confidently place the electrode pads in the correct place. Once attached, the ZOLL Plus AED will analyze the victim's heart rate and rhythm, then the device will determine whether or not a shock is advised. One of the most distinctive features of the ZOLL AED Plus is the real CPR help technology.  The ZOLL Plus AED lets you see, hear, and read how effective your CPR is. The device can “see” your compressions and ensure the correct depth and pace. The ZOLL AED Plus will alert you to perform CPR and if you need deeper, faster, or slower compressions. The ZOLL AED Plus with Real CPR Help gives you clear instructions giving you the best possible chance to save a life. 


  • ZOLL AED Plus uses consumer lithium batteries for inexpensive and easy replacement.
  • Uses biphasic waveform.
  • This AED is also pediatric capable.
  • No need to fumble with two electrodes as the ZOLL AED Plus uses a one-piece system with two electrodes attached, making it easy to place on a victim.
  • Audio prompts.
  • Visual images.
  • IP55 rating for water and dust.
  • Auto self-tests.
  • CPR instructions.

ZOLL AED Plus Product Information


  • The AED ZOLL Plus comes with a 7-year warranty.

Display Screen & Voice Instructions 

The ZOLL AED Plus is your reliable guide throughout the entire defibrillation process, using clear and calm voice instructions. The ZOLL AED Plus will be right by your side, from attaching the CPR-D-padz and delivering the shock to guiding you through CPR. Additionally, the ZOLL AED Plus is equipped with a display screen that offers written instructions, serving as a crucial aid in noisy environments or for the hearing impaired. If an emergency scene gets too loud and chaotic, you can simply refer to the display screen to read exactly what steps you should take next. The display screen also offers EMS professionals valuable insights, showing the duration and quantity of shocks administered during the cardiac emergency. This screen also provides the CPR depth gauge as well as the device status. 

Real CPR Help

When in a dire situation of life and death, due to a sudden cardiac arrest, giving proper and correct CPR means everything. Only about 50% of sudden cardiac arrest victims will require a shock, the rest will need effective and efficient CPR. This is where the ZOLL AED Plus excels and will make sure the user is giving high-quality CPR. The ZOLL AED Plus will monitor the user's CPR and give audio feedback on how the user is performing. When the user is not pushing hard enough, the AED will tell them to “push harder”, when pushing hard enough, it will say "good compressions." The ZOLL Plus AED will even show the depth of each compression in real-time. The CPR depth gauge allows you to watch and ensure you get the correct depth with each compression. This audio and visual assistance, along with a built-in metronome, that will keep the user on the right pace, will be the key to making a successful rescue.  

One Piece Electrode Pads 

The ZOLL AED Plus only has 1 pad compared to most other AEDs with 2 pads. The CPR-D-padz electrode pads are seamlessly connected and easy to apply with only one piece to place. Rescuers will no longer have to wonder if they placed each pad in the correct location on the body. When it comes time to replace the pads due to use or expiration, you only need to buy one set. Every CPR-D-padz pack includes extra supplies like gloves and scissors, which can be vital during emergencies. Having scissors on hand for quickly cutting clothes, if needed, can help improve response time. Powered by lithium batteries, the ZOLL AED Plus battery is easy to replace and inexpensive with just a trip to the local store. Both the batteries and the electrode pads have a shelf life of 5 years, so you can set up your AED and be rescue-ready for years to come. 

Alternate ZOLL AED Plus Part Numbers

20100000102011010, 21400010102011010, 20600000101011010, 2070000010101101, 20100000101011010, 20600000101011010, 2070000010101101, 21400010101011010, 2140001010101101, 2140001010101101, 8000-004007-01, 20100700702011010

The Zoll AED Plus by ZOLL Medical is a versatile and easy choice for anyone looking for an intuitively designed and reliable AED. Introduced by Zoll in 2001, this model immediately filled a gap in the AED market for untrained and trained rescuers alike.

The vivid green outer casing of the Zoll AED Plus is so eye-catching that potential rescuers are easily cued to its location. The AED Plus also features simple-to-interpret graphical images that alert the potential rescuer that the lid can be propped under the victim’s head to help keep his/her airway open while emergency procedures are underway. The sizeable graphic images on the AED’s cover help to simplify the instructions and help untrained responders understand the step-by-step rescue process.

The device’s visual and audio prompts help to guide the rescuer through each stage and alleviate any worry that steps are being missed. The Zoll AED Plus also helps the rescuer avoid the most common mistakes made during CPR—inadequate chest compression depth and rate.

As CPR is being administered, the device displays a bar graph that allows the user to easily visualize the CPR they are administering. It also offers audio cues that will let the rescuer know whether CPR the CPR compressions they are administrating are adequate. If not, the user will be prompted to “Push Harder.”

The Zoll AED Plus, Real CPR Help provides a metronome that uses real-time compression data to instantly adjust and help keep the rescuer administering chest compressions at the optimal rate. Another unique feature of the device is its one-piece electrode, which allows the pad to be placed quickly, directly in the center of the SCA victim’s chest. The easier the process, the more confidence a potential rescuer will have during a chaotic life or death event. When it comes to cardiac arrest, confidence can make the difference in a life being saved.

The Zoll AED Plus uses long-lasting lithium batteries; in fact, it’s the only AED available on the market that utilizes them. Not only are these both affordable and accessible, they will last up to five years when the device is left in standby mode. AED maintenance is made even easier because the CPR-D adult electrode also lasts five years. No confusion, no hassle.

- See more at: http://www.aed.com/zoll-aed-plus.html#sthash.cFEEPFTe.dpuf

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