Will an AED Shock Someone Who Does Not Require a Shock?

                This topic seems to be a popular question that is asked among those who are not familiar with how an AED functions.  The short answer is NO.  AEDs will NOT deliver a shock to a victim that does NOT require a shock.  When these devises are used, they will analyze the heart rate of a victim through the electrodes and determine if their particular heart rhythm needs a shock or not.  If a shock is needed, the AED will continue with the process and advise a shock, if not, the AED will not deliver a shock nor will it let you deliver a shock. 

                AEDs are designed with very accurate algorithms that help determine when to deliver a shock and when not to.  The fear that many people might feel when dealing with an AED or thinking they might hurt somebody if they must use one is unwarranted. These devices were made with the most untrained person in mind and are meant to assist anyone in a time of need.

                Please do not have any fears about using an AED on someone. If you hear anyone asking the same question, assure them that they can have full confidence in the use of an AED and it will not shock anyone unnecessarily. The last thing that anybody needs is to second guess themselves when seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

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