Top 10 Reasons to Purchase an AED

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can affect anyone anytime.  It is crucial that the person gets help immediately.  The only thing that will pull someone out of SCA is an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).  An AED is a portable device that will check the hearts rhythm and can send an electrical shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm

These are our top 10 reasons you or your business should purchase an AED. 

10. AED's are easy to use.  They look intimidating, but because of the simple voice prompts and fool proof way they work, anyone can use them, even if you are untrained!

9. An Ambulance may not get there fast enough. The survival rate of a victim goes down 10% every minute without the use of an AED. 

8. CPR is not enough.  If someone goes into Sudden Cardiac Arrest, CPR will help pump blood throughout the body, but it will not start the heart functioning properly again.  Only an AED can put the heart back to a normal rhythm. 

 7. Easy to maintain.  AED's require very little maintenance.  We even email you reminders when your pads and batteries are expiring. 

6. An AED will only shock if necessary.  AED's will evaluate a patient's heart and will know if they need to be shocked or not.  It will not shock a patient if they do not need one. 

5. You won't be liable if you use an AED.  Anyone who uses an AED is covered under the "Good Samaritan Law"   

4. Prepare for the unexpected.  We hope you never have to use an AED.  Nobody knows when and who will suffer from a Cardiac Arrest, but everyone needs to be prepared. 

3. AED's are small, portable, and convenient.  

2. AED's are required for many types of businesses.  Please check out your state's requirements.... State Requirement page, click here.... 

1. has many affordable choices.  We will answer all of your questions and ensure that you are completely prepared for an emergency. Our phone number is 1-800-441-8378, please call us anytime.