The Importance of Using an AED while waiting on Emergency Personnel

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. It can affect people of all ages, anywhere.  left untreated while waiting on emergency help, can cause death – it only takes minutes.

Despite living a heart-healthy lifestyle, many times SCA cannot be prevented or even predicted. Heart screenings do not pick up 100 percent of the conditions that cause SCA. Think about it – almost everyone has heard a story about someone that was known to be physically healthy suffered from SCA:

“My neighbor, Bob, worked out 3 times a week and ate healthy, how did this happen to him?”  

“My friend’s son, Randy, collapsed at high school football practice. He just had a physical the week before, how did this happen to him?

Fortunately, most states now require an AED in all public schools. Having an AED close by saved Randy’s life at practice but Bob wasn’t as lucky.  Bob was at a friend’s house watching football and there was no AED to use on Bob. Bob passed before first responders could arrive to help him.

Signs of SCA include collapsing or losing consciousness suddenly. Breathing may be irregular or nonexistent and usually you will not be able to find a pulse. Young victims of SCA are often athletes at sporting events or practices, which is why AEDs should be located close to gymnasiums or athletic fields. Non-athletes can also experience SCA, so AEDs should be placed appropriately throughout the school. A portable AED can be carried around for practice routines that occur outside of the athletic field or gym.

AEDs are not complicated to use – you do not need to be worried about incorrect procedure or even liability (most states have Good Samaritan laws to protect you). AEDs walks you through what is needed with voice prompts.

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