Life Saving Story by AED Market

It is always a joy to receive a call from a customer sharing the great news that the AED purchased from your company saved a life!  Here is what he had to say:

"During an adult league hockey game on Tuesday, January 11th, a 51 year old male collapsed mid-shift on the ice as the game was going on. The first player responding got to him within 5 seconds of him collapsing on the ice. The player checked for a pulse and could not find one. At that time, a player from the opposing team began chest compressions and one of the officials grabbed the AED from the scorer’s table. They continued chest compressions and followed the instructions on the AED to revive the individual who collapsed. I’m told by the hospital that the player went into cardiac arrest and the use of the AED truly saved his life. It took the paramedics approximately 10 minutes to get to the facility from the time they were called by which time the individual who collapsed had regained consciousness. We are truly thankful for all of the individuals who took action to save this man’s life. The individual that used the AED received AED training through his workplace, but never used one prior to Tuesday. He told me, “he was just doing what he hoped someone would do for him”.

AED Market is pleased to share this great news and wishes all the best to this man's family as well as the individuals that stepped up to help.

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