Greater Access to AED’s Will Save Thousands of Lives Each Year.

Greater access to AED’s will save thousands of lives each year.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects over 300,000 people per year, and is the leading cause of death among adults over 40 years old. SCA  causes more deaths than breast cancer, colon cancer, motor vehicle accidents and diabetes, combined.


The odds of surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrest without an AED is almost zero. A person’s chances of survival goes down 10% for every minute that passes without the use of an AED. Even the fastest Paramedics may take 10-15 minutes to get to an emergency, which is still too much time to save someone from SCA.

An AED is a small, lightweight device that allows anyone to treat sudden cardiac arrest by delivering a shock to the victim's chest, and ideally, re-starting his or her heart to a normal rhythm again. Anyone can use an AED with or without training. The AED will “talk” you through the process with voice prompts that are clear and easy to follow. There is also no danger of harming a patient who might not need defibrillation because an AED will diagnoses the rhythm and respond appropriately.  

We know that AED’s are expensive, which makes it difficult for some businesses to afford one. AED Market offers both new and recertified/refurbished units at a reduced cost, which should give more organizations a chance to fit an AED into  their budget.

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