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The ZOLL Pro AED is one of the most rugged and durable AEDs on the market. The ZOLL AED Pro automated external defibrillator is made of the same material that football helmets are made of and has a durable over-mold that provides unrivaled protection. The ZOLL AED Pro can withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters and has an IP55 protection rating for high-pressure water jets. The ZOLL AED Pro can withstand a beating and still give you the confidence to know that it will perform when needed.

See-Thru CPR Technology & Compatibility 

The ZOLL AED Pro stands out in the realm of emergency cardiac care with its innovative See-Thru CPR technology. The See-Thru CPR technology works by filtering out the compression artifact from the ECG reading, allowing responders to see the underlying heart rhythm without stopping CPR. This capability is vital as it enables continuous monitoring of the cardiac rhythm even during CPR, providing a clearer picture of the patient's condition. In traditional scenarios, rescuers would need to pause compressions to get an accurate ECG reading, but with See-Thru CPR, the rhythm can be observed in real-time, ensuring more consistent and effective treatment. This advanced technology is designed to minimize the interruption of chest compressions, a critical factor in improving the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest victims. Another remarkable feature of the ZOLL AED Pro is its ability to override the original defibrillation protocol. This functionality allows medical personnel to deliver a shock based on the currently detected heart rhythm rather than waiting for the next analyzed heart rhythm cycle. The ZOLL AED Pro is compatible with all other ZOLL products, so when the ambulance arrives, you can plug the electrode pads already attached to the patient into the new ALS machines. 

The AED Pro ZOLL has a rating of IP55, making it durable and rugged for any harsh environment. Take the AED ZOLL Pro in squad cars, ambulances, fire trucks, or backpacks - - almost anywhere. In an emergency, situation speed is of the essence and 


  • Real-time measurements of compression rate and depth with visual and optional audible feedback.
  • Can record CPR data.
  • Displays ECG waveforms, heart rate, number of shocks delivered, and compression depth on the LCD screen.
  • Can use one piece CPR-D padz or two piece CPR stat padz.
  • See-Thru CPR technology. 
  • Electrode pads and batteries are compatible with professional ZOLL defibrillators. 

AED Pro ZOLL Product Information

ZOLL AED Pro Automated External Defibrillator WARRANTY

  • The ZOLL AED Pro has a 5-year warranty

Alternate Part Numbers: 90110200499991010, 90110600499991010

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