Taking Care of Your Employees When They Suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest

10,000 of the total SCA cases reported occur in workplaces. This is alarming because visiting workplaces is a normal part of everyday life and being at the threat of a sudden cardiac arrest in a casual life-setting does bring many concerns to the mind. Employers assume responsibility of the employees’ health while they are on duty. This puts a responsibility on them to provide necessary medical equipment, first aid, and medication in the face of any emergency. Waiting for the arrival of Emergency Medical Service responders can result in very low chances of survival in case the person suffers from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Hence, making sure that employees have access to better, safer, and more reliable options is extremely important. Here is what the companies can do to make sure that their employees have better chances of being treated if anyone of them suffers from a SCA:

Provide AEDs

This is the most important thing to do. Your employees will need immediate access to an AED device if anyone suffers from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This is because with every minute’s delay, the chances of survival of the victim go down by 7-10%. Providing AED units is the safest way of minimizing those odds.


It is important to educate employees on the importance of this provision as well. They will need to understand why they are being provided with this facility and how it can help them in times of need. They will also need to understand the importance of immediate treatment in case of having a sudden cardiac arrest.


Training employees to use Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can also allow fellow employees to give effective treatment through use of the device. These devices are easy to use and can be used by a person who has a basic understanding of the equipment. Receiving extensive and practical training can give them experience and confidence to use the device in real situations. Many people are concerned with the safety of AED devices and fear that they may have the potential to have a negative effect on the patient. However, when the responder is trained, the handling of the device is made completely safe. Training the employees is very important for this reason.

Making the AED Devices Available

It is also important that the AED devices are not just provided but also made available in times of need. They should be open to access and placed where they are visible to the eyes in case of emergency. AED devices should not be put under lock and key as waiting for someone to unlock and hand it over will waste a lot of time in critical situations.

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