Physio Control REDI-CHARGE Base

Physio Control

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SKU: 11141-000115

Product Description

REDI-CHARGE Base for charging the LIFEPAK 12 and LIFEPAK 15 lithium-ion batteries. This charger requires the use of an adapter tray, one fits LIFEPAK 12 Li-Ion batteries, another fits LIFEPAK 15 Li-Ion batteries.

Choose your configuration from charging base only, or get the charging base with the required adapter tray, or trays, and A/C power cord for your specific LIFEPAK device.

***Please note: This charger can only be used for charging the LIFEPAK 12 and LIFEPAK 15 LITHIUM-ION batteries.***

*** A/C Power Cord & Adapter Tray are sold separately.

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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