Defibtech Lifeline VIEW - Recertified AED Value Package

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All Defibtech Lifeline View AEDs have been refurbished and recertified through an extensive checkpoint service by a Biomedical Technician.

Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED Value Package includes: 

  • Recertified Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED
  • AED Wall Cabinet
  • New Lifeline VIEW Adult Pads
  • New Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED Battery
  • AED wall sign
  • Carrying Case
  • Full One Year Warranty


The refurbished Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED is the first and only AED to have a video display to show exactly how to perform each step in full-color motion video. The Lifeline VIEW recertified offers both video instructions as well as voice guidance so everyone from trained medical personnel to common bystanders can provide life-saving treatment. You can watch videos showing how to prep the victim, attach the electrode pads and apply the shock - - every step in the AED process. The recertified LIFELINE VIEW also includes video instruction on how to provide rescue breathing and CPR. Weighing in under three pounds the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW is lightweight for easy carrying. With military-grade shock and drop testing the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW can handle many different environments and situations. You can place a refurbished Lifeline VIEW AED in vehicles, schools, offices, casinos, churches, and gyms - - anywhere. 

Our refurbished and recertified AEDs are checked by biomedical technicians and receive extensive testing and checkpoints so you can be sure you are getting a high-quality AED while saving money. 

Recertified Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED Value Pack

The refurbished AED value pack comes with everything you need to have an operational AED station. You can place your recertified Defibtech Lifeline VIEW in an AED wall cabinet along with signage so people can spot the device from across the room. The refurbished AED value pack also includes a carrying case so you can take it on the go or easily store the Lifeline VIEW in a vehicle or aircraft. All of our refurbished AEDs come with new adult electrode pads and a new battery so your recertified Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED is ready to use as soon as it arrives. 

Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED FEATURES

  • Real-time protocol selection allows switching between compression-only CPR and CPR with rescue breathing. 
  • One touch status screen tells you if the Lifeline VIEW is up to date and ready.
  • Video instructions show how to check and replace electrode pads, batteries, and data cards.
  • . Upgrade Lifeline VIEW with ease as protocols change.
  • Seft tests 
  • Bright indicator light tells you if the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW is rescue ready 
  •  Durable and rugged design for the toughest of environments. 
  • Data can be recorded from the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED and be retrieved and reviewed.

Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED Product Information

Alternate Part #'s: DCF-A2310EN, DDU-2300, DCF-A2310EN, DCF-A2310EN-CC

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